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Are you looking for the right business partner to process your orders? You know what you wish to achieve but struggle to know how? Or perhaps, you are facing a technological challenge? We are here to come up with customized technological solutions and propose a holistic approach to implementation: from mass production through quality control and logistics.

It’s so important to have creative ideas - but they are no use without the appropriate implementation strategy. We have the applicable know-how for any type of challenge, be it growth, innovation or a complete business overhaul.


international production

We make international production easy! Our Eastern-European office is conveniently located and remains at your disposal to ensure exceptional production management and process tracking.

We have engineers in all our countries of operation, taking care of international production management as a whole: from production monitoring, through quality assurance, to logistics.


Products and processes

Eastprod offers personalized solutions, adapted to following production area:

Metals, plastics, composites, lumber, packaging, or any other services and domains related to the production processes.

We boast to provide adaptable production solutions, regardless of the product or its components.



Eastprod supports you in establishing lasting relations with subcontractors and various other partners for every step of your production process.

We create an international production network to allow you to:

  • forecast and plan your production for years in advance
  • reach production stability as a result of a long-term planning rather than just opportunity and chance
  • develop your production capabilities
  • expand and dive into new endeavours